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© Photos: Adam Royer


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Ironman 4x4 Moab Photoshoot

Ironman 4x4 called for my photography services for an on-location photoshoot in the beautiful Moab, Utah surroundings for their vehicles, tents and camping accessories. Bearing camping in sub-freezing temperatures far from signs of civilization, the shoot was exceptionally successful.

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Veteran Overland Coffee

My roll for the Veteran Overland Coffee project was coordination with the coffee roasting company (Off-Hours Coffee Project), graphic design and photography of packaging, final product photography, as well as create digital assets for e-commerce and social media campaigns.

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Moonshadow Goods

Esteemed natural dyer and textile designer, Adriana Moreno of Moonshadow Goods, wished for a complete brand identity and corresponding website to display her beautiful art and creative talents, and an online shop to sell her merchandise as well as passes to her workshops. Additional efforts included signage, labels, business cards, stickers, photography and more.

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Gary Kordan

Chances are you’ve seen Gary Kordan’s work, possibly without knowing it. Gary is an Emmy nominated Hollywood Production Designer that has worked with Jordan Peele, Kevin Hart, Fred Armisen, Craig Robinson, the late Joan Rivers and many more. Gary frequently updates his website with compelling content via his user-friendly back-end website editor.

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Veteran Overland

Veteran Overland needed an updated logo to represent their new “Gray Man” identity. The given direction was for the logo to be symbolic and patriotic, yet not look like a traditional military/veteran graphic that stands out in a crowd. The five stars symbolize each branch of the U.S. military while the stripes represent the forward assault flag.

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Joshua Holko

Wild nature travel photographer, Joshua Holko, is one of the greatest landscape and arctic wildlife photographers in the business. He hosts several photography workshops throughout the year. His website needs to allow him to feature his beautiful imagery and enable future workshop attendees to signup with ease. His responsive website is chock-full of content that is easy to access in a non-overwhelming approach.

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Fisher Creative

Mark Fisher, one of the most sought-after outdoor action photographers and cinematographers in the industry, needed an online presence that is both minimal yet eye-catching. Mark’s work is showcased front and center without any unnecessary distraction. His galleries are full of beautiful images and videos that are sure to astonish.

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David Emmite

Local Portland, Oregon photographer David Emmite is a visionary artist. From NASA-inspired Nike adds to the Old Spice man to robots smoking cigarettes to hand-made miniatures of entire city blocks, his website features it all—and more!


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I’ve been fortunate to have worked for—and with—astounding people, teams and firms during my 20+ year career as a designer. With a diverse background in logo, print, web, typography and multimedia design, I take pride in effectively managing projects from start to finish, being persistently organized and on time, communicating clearly, paying attention to all details, and outputting quality work.

On my days off, chances are I will be somewhere outdoors. You may find me either hiking, backpacking, taking landscape photos or even engaging in official wilderness or urban Search & Rescue (SAR) missions.


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